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 Artsy Cakes & Bakery Store Policy


REFUNDS– We DO NOT offer full refunds on cake/cupcake orders, unless the product is returned within 24 hours of pick up. After 24 hrs the customer will only be eligible for a 50% in store credit towards another cake or cupcake purchase. Terms may apply

FOOD ALLERGIES: The customer is responsible for informing Artsy Cakes & Bakery of ANY food allergies at the time of order. Full disclosure of food allergies is imperative, so that we may take proper care and precaution to ensure environmental, or cross contamination of food equipment, or food ingredients does not occur. While we can make a full effort to prevent indirect contact of food allergens, we cannot 100% guarantee the product is free from ALL food allergens. Artsy Cakes & Bakery will not be held responsible for any food allergic reaction that may occur, if the food allergy is not disclosed at the time of order or purchase.


ORDER ERRORS: In the event there is an error or mistake with a cake order, the customer will have 24 hours to call and report the error. At that time the customer will be asked to bring the cake back for the order to be corrected or refunded. If the order error is not reported within 24 hours, or the product is consumed, Artsy Cakes & Bakery will NOT be able to offer a full refund on purchase, or to correct the order.


CANCELLATIONS: Order cancellations are subject to a 50% non refundable deposit, and are given a 50% in-store credit towards another cake or cupcake purchase. Any cancellations under 24 hrs notice may be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.


For ANY/ALL questions or concerns pertaining to an order, please contact Michael at (843) 355-7345 or at  


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